halfway between

I didn’t dream.
 I moved around a lot 
 in my sleep. 

 It rained. It stormed. It was cool. It put me to sleep.
 It is raining now – the smell ....
 It smells so good. 
 I just want to sit and listen.
 Now I am up
 and it is raining
 and I am sitting. 
 Somewhere between peace and unrest
 trying to be okay with the in between. 
 The existence of 2 versions of myself
 2 storylines...
 A continual playing out of 2 storylines, 2 versions of self
 A longing for connection
 A longing for connection
 A type connection 
 that is between me and me.
 It rains. 
 Halfway between peace and unrest
 A wavering
 It’s a breath.
 It’s a breath.
 A breath is the halfway between peace and unrest. 
 A cozy breath
 A breath of returning home.  


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