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It has become common practice for care providers to recommend that patients try ‘yoga’.  For the beginner, or individual being referred to a yoga class, this can be overwhelming or intimidating.  If the individual is being referred for reasons related to mental health, the act of attending a yoga class can stir up additional anxiety.

As a psychotherapist, Sara has knowledge regarding mental health diagnoses.  She approaches the practice of yoga with sensitivity to the psychological well-being of the individual.  Sara utilizes a holistic framework that is person-centered and adaptable to the needs of the individual.

Individual sessions:


Yoga for Emotional Regulation

Sara utilizes yoga, in session, as a tool to increase awareness of the variability of emotional patterns and to learn how to effectively regulate emotion. Sara integrates DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) skills and techniques into session time.

Find balance. Return to neutral. Decrease reactivity. Regulate. Sustain.

Specialties: Depression, anxiety, substance abuse disorders and addictive behaviors, trauma


Sara utilizes yoga, in session with teens, as a tool to promote self-esteem and assist with body awareness.  The use of yoga and mindfulness can be custom tailored to the specific needs of the teen.

Specialties: Depression, anxiety, ADHD, self-harming behaviors, autism spectrum disorder


Sara began practicing in New York City in the early millennium, initially as a form of self-care after working in high-stress and crisis environments. She completed a 200-hour training in 2012.  In 2017, she completed a 500-hour advanced yoga teacher training at Boston Yoga School under the direction of Ame Wren and Kevin Courtney. Foremost, she draws knowledge from her own asana practice and dedication to self-study and personal analysis. Her personal yoga practice has developed within the context of being a mental health therapist over the last decade. Her experience includes working with children and teens on inpatient psychiatric units, foster care, residential homes, and domestic violence shelters. 

Often described as compassionate and intuitive, she welcomes an environment of wondering, questioning, and approaching yoga from a place of curiosity and reflection. You can expect a group class that balances tradition and creativity, provides options, and integrates components of yoga beyond asana.  

Ways to work with Sara in the context of yoga:

Individual sessions

as described above

Yoga workshop

Sara has developed curriculum for workshops that focus on the integration of mental health with yoga based practices.

  • Examples:
    • Yoga for Emotion Regulation
    • The Hero’s Journey: A workshop that integrates concepts of Jungian based psychology, symbolism, archetypes with yoga philosophy and practices.
    • I am a Warrior: A workshop series that that integrates yoga and art therapy for pre-teen girls.  Focus on self-empowerment, developing self-esteem, and building resilience.

Group Yoga Classes at Orleans Yoga

Thurs: 7:30am Gentle Basic

Thurs: 9:15am Align & Flow

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