Return to Origin

“Originality is returning to the origin” – Antoni Gaudi

The natural world is the origin. Symmetrical patterns, including mandalas, exist in nature. When we reflect upon, or create, a mandala in a meditative manner we invite a connection to the universal. We surrender to something bigger than our individual existence. We foster a relationship with something deeper within ourselves.

In this workshop, we will explore the meditative practice of creating natural mandalas. By layering flowers and leaves between sheets of paper and soaking them in simmering water, the plant’s colors, shapes, and textures are left behind. The outcome is ethereal and unpredictable, yielding beautiful results.

We will invite ritual, intention, and reflective creation in a safe and quiet space. Participants will leave with mandala prints and a lighter spirit.

Wednesday, July 24

6 – 8pm

For more info and to sign up:


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