Yoga and Wise Mind

June 21, 2019 // The practice of yoga can provide a bridge between the emotional mind and the reasonable mind. On one side we have feeling, sensation, energy and on the other side there is intellect, form, and structure.

An asana (or pose) can provide an opportunity for the integration of the two pieces. We set up in a pose with intellectual care, utilizing props to support the structure or framework. We remain in that shape and invite feedback in the language of sensation and energy.

Or maybe, as we remain in the shape, emotion presents in the form of negative self talk, doubt, or self consciousness. We counter that emotion by retuning our attention to form and structure, perhaps refining the intricacies of the shape within the physical body. We utilize the physical body as a grounding form to contain emotion.

And then, perhaps for a moment or a mere second, the two overlap (emotion and reason, freedom and structure, form and formlessness) and we catch a glimpse of wisdom. A connection to the wise mind. The center. The space in between. We access the rich information and experience that resides in the middle space.

A marriage of parts of self in a quest to become whole.

AND THEN … we can take this information or experience and apply it our life off the mat.

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