It’s been some time now….

You awaken to the sunlight. The journey has reconnected you with that natural rhythm of life. Sun up, sun down. Sun up, sun down. As though, aligned with a larger universal plan.

As you awaken, you gaze to the side observing your surroundings. In front of you see the wooden planked walls of the recent dwelling in which you have made a temporary home…A beach shack of sorts. A rudimentary dwelling with the bare necessities.

You awaken….

You get out of bed, climb down the ladder which connects the sleeping space to the rest of the dwelling.

You awaken…

Fix a cup of coffee, put on some shoes, and head out on your morning walk.

You awaken….

Out the door, your morning walk brings you down a dirt path into the center of the village.

The reminiscent smells of grilled meat from yesterday’s asado linger in the air.

You take a deep breath

It is off-season. Town is slow. There is a sleepy vibe. A market here. A person there. A dog. A horse.

You take a deep breath

It’s the smell of slowing down …. It’s the smell of ‘being quiet’…. it’s the smell of being present

You could be Europe…. maybe California? But you’re not. You are in Uruguay. Uruguay. Even the name makes it sound far away.

And it is. And you are…. You are a world away.

You take a deep breath.

It is the smell of transition. Knowing that your journey will soon come to an end, you are in a space of limbo. Attempting to integrate the experiences and knowledge that you have gained. Attempting to process that changes which have occurred within you, although a part of you knows that it is not about processing…it is about accepting.

You take a deep breath.

The local pack of dogs act as a guide…. leading you…. they are familiar with this environment. You are a visitor in their space…. on their turf. You appreciate their guidance…you follow them…

The village road ends at the sea. Oh, the sweet and familiar Atlantic. Your dear friend.

Gazing out at the horizon…the ocean is calm. Small waves lap onto the shoreline. It is one of those moments. The moment when an external (in this case view), mirrors an internal state.

You take a seat and soak in the view.

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